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In addition to our weekend in office appointments, teletherapy is now available from the comfort of your own home. 


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​Clinic News

Dr. Brad Nederostek is a Clinical Health Psychologist and one of the few doctoral level clinicians in Dallas, Texas who has earned the prestigious AASECT Sex Therapy Certification. Read More

Dr. Brad not only is empathetic but has tangible solutions.

- Mark S., Arlington, Texas

We thank Dr. Brad for his knowledge. He presents information in a way that makes sense.

- Sandy & Gary P., Dallas, Texas

What is Sex Therapy?

Meet Dr. Nederostek

Dr. Nederostek helped me in a time of my life that was dark and dreadful. He helped me work through sexual changes after my hysterectomy. My husband and I share more intimacy now than we did the first 20 years of our marriage.

- Natalie K., Dallas, Texas

We will remain open during these uncertain times. Please see updated news regarding COVID-19 HERE

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​Office Hours                                      Affinity Sex Therapy

 Friday: 12:00pm -- 6:00pm               17304 Preston Road

 Saturday: 9:00am -- 2:00pm             Suite 833

                                                                Dallas, Texas 75252

                                                                (972) 776-6728


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Like most other forms of psychotherapy, sex therapy is a targeted form of talk therapy. It focuses on education and treatment of sexual concerns. Read More

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