• Difficulty achieving arousal or pleasure during sexual activity

  • Medical/Health Issues affecting Sexual Functioning

  • Relational conflicts regarding desire discrepancy 

  • ​Inaccurate information regarding sex and sexuality

  • Difficulties arising from sexual abuse

  • ​Sexual changes across the lifespan

  • Paraphilias

Affinity Sex Therapy offers a range of specialize individual, relational, and group therapy options.

Below is a list of common sexual topic areas discussed in therapy:

Below is a list of common relational topics discussed in sex therapy. ​

PLEASE NOTE: Affinity Sex Therapy does not provide psychotherapeutic treatment for individuals presenting with sexual offending behaviors. This includes those who experience pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, or frotteurism. Should this come up during the course of your treatment, an appropriate referral will be made to a licensed sexual offender treatment provider.

  • Extramarital Relationships

  • Separation/Divorce

  • ​Children & Parenting Concerns

  • ​Male/Female Roles

  • ​Differences among relational expectations

  • Forgiveness/Acceptance

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Religious/Spiritual Differences​

  • Delegation of Household Duties

  • ​Financial Concerns

  • Impact of relationships with friends, family, and in-laws

  • Loss/Grieving/Death of Partner